One comment on “Nudity, Modesty and Culture – Part Four – Practical Advice For Christian Men

  1. We have control over that “mental-switch”, the “objectify-respect” switch, and what we do with it is up to us. A person could see the picture at the top of the page either one of two ways: “Nice breasts!”, or “That young lady has nice breasts.” If we see ONLY her breasts, we have made her into an object, something to be lusted/coveted after. If we see her as a person, she becomes what she actually is, an image-bearer of our incredible Creator.

    The same could be said if we walked up behind a woman with an attractive butt: “Nice butt!”, or “That lady has a nice butt.”. We can still admire those body-parts as PART of the whole person, as long as we don’t individualize and objectify them, and turn her into an object of lust.

    God created us lovely to look at for a purpose. We are NOT merely animals that copulate only for reproduction and only when reproduction is possible. God made us relational, and part of being relational is being physically-attractive to the opposite sex.

    There is a lady in my church who can do justice to as short a skirt as she wants to wear, and does wear a short skirt once in a while, but I am NOT talking about a “girl”. Ginger is in her early 50’s, very athletic, a long-distance (marathon) runner, and very married to a great guy. He is a doctor and she is a nurse-practitioner. She is a dear Christian Sister who happens to have a great pair of legs. Her husband is also one of our Elders.

    God bless!


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