4 comments on “Nudity, Modesty and Culture – Part Six – A Final Word on Lust

  1. Nudity, sensuousness, lust, sexual acts, & design of gender purpose.

    Those characters of the being called “Man” join many other characters of his design.

    To understand why Man was not formed with, nor should ever wear covering over his form, study Who The Deity is given in explicit detail in Hebrew Scripture. The Deity, there, is naked. The only apparition given for The Deity is His Righteousness. His naked Being is male, and His nature is male, and His authority is male. That is to say, in Man-terms, The Deity has a penis.

    The Deity caused His Man creature to have, and need, two genders in two specific, distinct body forms. Male Man; and Female Man. In these two essences of Man, The Deity shows a clear reflection of His full character, which is merely the inclusion of female qualities(characters) protected internally by His Male outward apparition. As the vagina is internal to being Female, so to is the Female character inside the Male protective cover of The Deity’s form.

    This is where sin deviates from Who The Deity is, as He has no sin, and while having full capacity to sin, He, by His nature, does no sin, for sin incurs Death, and The Deity is the utter opposition of Death.

    Having a divided nature, and a divided gender, Man is a natural target for Deception. Deception is incapable of deceiving a singularity, which The Deity is, but with two distinct members of Man’s Being – Male and Female, Deception has a fertile playing ground to wreak havoc with Deceit.

    Hence, Deception played its trump card with Man, and rather than pick the strongest character of Man, the male, Deception played up to and beguiled the less defensive member of Man’s complete Being, his Female character.

    This led, as Deception knew it would, to another character of Man, his Pride, to prey upon that pride and persuade it to lead Man the male to react without perception and investigation, as Pride is wont to perform its evil aspects.

    Now, let’s examine what could easily have happened, had the Male Man acted not in Pride, but in the intelligence he was also gifted with.

    It’s easy to understand, since each of Man’s race has exactly the same capacity today.

    IF our 1st father had simply stopped when confronted with the temptation to join the sin his Female attracted him to experience, and instead he called out to The Deity for His Wisdom for this proposed action, Man’s history would surely be different.

    Need more be said?

  2. Well, yes, here’s a bit more to consider.


    The Deity formed His Man sans covering. When Man tried to hide his Being from The Deity, he used vegetation to attempt to blend with the background, in my opinion, not to hide his nakedness, as is commonly asserted by pagan Christian leadership, itself obsessed with licentious use of gender-lusting character flaws. That’s another topic.

    The Deity did not, as these twisted clergy so demand their victims to accept, cover the genitalia of these 1st parents with freshly butchered sheep skins, IF one studies sheep, it becomes painfully clear that such material is insufficient to cover the form of Man, especially NOT his groin.

    Rather, The Deity specifically pointed out to these hapless people His intention was to set upon them a signet they would not soon forget, that disobeying His Word leads to Death. That is the ONLY reason for their wearing bloody sheep skins.

    Being naked is natural, and honors The Deity as no other apparition of Man can do. Sexual acts have nothing to do with being naked, and anyone can easily see that sexual interaction is natural to both clothed and unclothed people. So, the pagan church’ fascination with demeaning nakedness is a blatant revelation of its sexual deviancy, as it attempts to cloak its hideous sexual perversity by demanding all its prey to cover their nakedness, so as to hide among them their own torrid acts.

    • I think if you read all the stuff I have written on God and Nudity you will find that I have very little disagreement with you other than while the Bible does say that God used animal skins to cover mankind as a fellow scholar pointed out to me that the passage does not say God killed animals to do so. That part is assumed by a lot of people but the idea of atonement is not here or at this time but is actually a later revelation of God to man at a different time.

      I too do not think that the idea of covering with leaves was about man to woman but more about man hiding from God. I am not ever sure it was mankind being ashamed of their nakedness so much as trying to hide form God.

      I also don’t see mankind with a divided nature until their disobedience. Male and female were good and one flesh until they disobeyed. It is the disobedience that caused their division.

  3. I have found a couple of other things that help me deal with any potential lust. The first is that I have always believed that sex should be in the context of a relationship. No relationship means no sex, because sex is more than just an exchange of body-fluids. The second is that I have learned to be content with where I am and with what I have. Even though I am surrounded by people who have way more than I do, I have learned to be content with what God has provided for me. I have also become a contented-single. I used to be a very discontented single because I have been married for most of my adult life, but part of that was because I felt more “complete” when I was married. There was always something “missing” when I was single before. I now have a sense of being “complete” myself, of being “whole”, so if I do get into a relationship, I will be bringing a “whole” person into it. Being content and being a whole person has relieved me of the “need” for someone else, and thus the lust that goes with the need. I can enjoy the beauty in women that God has created without the need or desire to have them for myself.

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