2 comments on “Christians and Sexuality: Where is the USA Headed Morally?

  1. Top-freedom – Top-freedom may progress fairly rapidly in the more liberal states, but down here in the “Bible-belt”, it will be much more difficult for it to gain any traction. Public breast-feeding is legal here in Florida, but that doesn’t mean that it is acceptable. This is the “Baptist-boot”, so conservative prudery runs wide and deep. My neighbor, who is a photographer at one of the Disney theme parks, got into it with a guest a few days ago because the lady was breastfeeding openly in the park. Attitudes, even towards open breastfeeding, will change very slowly down here. It is one thing to pass a law making open breastfeeding legal, but it is quite a different matter for it to become “acceptable”. Top-freedom is quite likely a long way off in states like Florida.

    Same-sex marriage – I predict that SSM will be the “law of the land” in all 50 states within the next 12-18 months, because the federal DOMA has already been struck down, and courts are striking down state anti-SSM laws right and left. SSM is now legal in Florida, and even the Bible-thumpers couldn’t keep it out. So much for “state’s rights”.

    Sexual issues – Until the church starts getting its head out of the sand and back in the Word, and starts preaching and teaching truly-Biblical sexuality and sexual-ethics, the church will continue to reap what it has been sowing for longer than I have been alive. Shouting “Thou shalt not commit adultery” from the pulpit rarely actually deters anyone from it, but that is all that the church knows how to do. Discussion of sex and sexuality have to quit being taboo in the church before it will ever start making real progress on these sexual issues.

    God bless!


    • The Bible Belt does however have it’s hypocrisy element wen it comes to topfreedom. Texas fro instance because it has a more libertarian attitude about what people do with their private property has a few beaches that are private dedicated topless or full nudity and the laws in Texas are definitely written to protect the adult entertainment industry in many ways. That said, Some states do leave it up to local government to define decency which is why Columbus, Ohio is very similar to New York when it comes to topfreedom.

      The problem with the gay marriage issue for me is as I have stated before is I don’t think the government should be involved with marriage at all and secondly there is the question of state rights verses individual rights. Does state’s rights trump thee individual rights laid out in the constitution is always a tension point not just in gay marriage but other right.

      As I have said before with the church and sexuality, they don’t speak of sex well or often so in silence the other side keeps winning.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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