One comment on “Marriage and the Bible – Part 23 – Solomon’s Marriage Wisdom

  1. Solomon was probably long-past monogamy when he came across this bit of advice, so he had had plenty of time to experience all the good, the bad and the ugly in marriage. I believe that the reason many women have so much trouble with this passage is that heeding it would require that they put-away their self-centered and self-serving ways. The “Virtuous woman” had her priorities in order; her husband, her children, and others around her, so she had no time for idleness and self-serving.

    My first wife was the closest to be a “virtuous woman” that I have ever known, but she was also raised to be a wife and a mother. Most women aren’t raised that way these days. Being a wife and mother is incidental to being a career-woman.

    God bless!


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