28 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 1 – The Positive Spiritual Side of Nakedness

  1. Well it certainly did you are ploughing some untitled ground here and creating a positive discourse for two sides of the conversation. Those who of faith who beleive the undressed body is inherently bad and those who beleive us ‘religious” types are wholly responsible for the negative attitudes towards being clothes free.

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  5. I hope you don’t mind. But I borrowed this from your entry to comment on. “Sin likes to conceal the truth and cover it over. Righteousness seeks to reveal the truth.” I chose this part of your blog entry because it reflects how I feel about nudity/nudism. I didn’t always feel that way. My initial experience with nudism outside the house for me was mundane. I traveled on nude cruises, visited, resorts etc. It was not until in the 90ties that I walked onto a beach nude, alone, into the sun I was struck by the energy from the Heavens, it seemed to permeate my soul, and it gave me such a sense that God Himself was reaching out to me “as if to let me know, to let go, let my truth show” I have never forgotten the feeling. Until then I never felt as though God looked in my direction, but after my experience i knew why I was standing there. He wanted to know that he did exist.

    it’s rare and I was almost afraid to mention the connection I felt with God, in my blog entry for fear at how it might be interpreted. But I glad i did, I am glad I read your blog and I find it very interesting from many aspects, that I have looked at since I was a young child, i.e. clothes being for specific reasons etc.
    Thank you for writing this because it affirms how I feel regarding nudity. I will have to read the others, but for now, We’re off to a good start.

      • As a naturist and a Christian I very much appreciate your perspective. It has always seemed to me that social nudity is far more than mere recreation or a lifestyle choice. Unfortunately much of the writing about naturism dwells on these aspects to the neglect of the spiritual and philosophical underpinnings of historic naturism. It is my belief that this neglect contributes to the lack of acceptance and disdain for naturism in the public at large.

        My purpose in contacting you is to ask permission to reprint this essay in the news letter of the club I attend. Contact me by e-mail for the details.

  6. Thanks for reading and if you want to reprint it I have no problem as long as cite me and my blog. Those that attend your club might find other parts of it interesting reading.


  7. Who but our Adversary would use clothing and it’s needed use as a tool for protection,etc.(“needed,as in “when”)to capitalize on the alienation (maybe unconscious) and miscommunication we suffer from?
    Can we say: SATAN?!? The tricky liar!
    He created a Trojan Horse called clothing.

    • No record of Satan creating clothing biblically, man and women did that in response to sin which Satan did lead mankind into. My point has always been that nakedness was not the problem, sin is the problem.

      • I meant on how clothing has fooled us into behaving badly with each other.
        Sounds Satanic to me…

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  15. Very interesting topic andi sigtful all accolades to this author and if hde plans to do more articles of the content especially involving male nude photgraphy ill be interested!

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