12 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 2 – You’re Already a Spiritual Nudist; You Just Don’t Know It.

  1. I understand this post completely. Having experienced that calm and “at home” feeling, and long ago discovered the complete restful and prayerful sense of completion and “0neness” of sleeping without the restrictions of the tangle of nightgowns or pajamas. AND all the other things are more easily done when one lives, for the most part, alone. Excellent post.

    • I think most people if they were honest with themselves would have to admit that they have had some solid spiritual moments when they were naked. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Great post. Really points out the natural aspect of being clothes free and how being in that natural state can lead a a deeper spiritual awareness. thank you for the series. Enjoying it
    FYI nudist colonies don’t exist there are clubs, venues, and resorts but no colonies. That was pretty much a sixties thing

    • Your welcome. I did do some research about the nudist colony thing and realized they may not be any left, but a lot of typical conservative Christians read my blog and enough of them are ‘experienced’ enough to remember them. Mostly it was a comment for their benefit to have them understand where I was coming from. Mostly I am dealing with their image of nudists not mine. The colonies had politics with them as well as nudity which didn’t work out so they became capitalist and turned into resorts. 😉

    • My family is not so much on this issue. My wife is pretty much a standard Christian although when it is just the two of us she can relax her standards quite a bit. Thanks for stopping by, the rest of the series should shape up nicely as I go. Third post is already in the works.

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  4. Well thought-out, well done. You’ll see glimpses of your post in here:



    It baffles me that people live clueless about our organic, composite makeup. Why did God command us to love him with all our heart, mind, and body? Because these comprise our totality, and where one is off, so is the rest.

    • It is interesting that we tell people to worship God with all their soul, heart and mind. To do this we tell them they must open up these places and allow God in so God can change them. The problem is that we never bridge the gap to the body and learn to open up that part of our life. The whole human being needs to worship and religion has a way of actually suppressing that idea.

  5. I live clothes-free at least ninety-percent of the time, so it is my normal and natural state. I am neither “nude” nor “naked”, except before God, I am au naturel. Wearing clothes is an unnatural state for me. It still isn’t legal in my area to be au naturel in public. Embracing this au naturel lifestyle has been a vital and integral part of the healing that was necessary for me to become a “whole” person again.

    I do my daily devotional time at night, right before bed, starting with the “Our Daily Bread” reading for the day, then reading the Scripture that it references, and finally whatever book I am reading through. Right now, I am reading “Traveling Light”, by Max Lucado, his exposition of the 23rd Psalm. I get most of my blog article topics ideas from either the ODB, the Scripture reference or the book. Sometimes they all mesh to give me one consolidated idea. I doubt that I ever run out of ideas.

    I only have one semi-frequent visitor, and I either know she is coming over or she knows to holler in my window to make sure that I am “decent”. She understands that I put shorts on to cover up HER embarrassment, not mine, because if she was comfortable seeing me au naturel, I would gladly stay that way, but she isn’t, so I do cover up for her benefit. I keep a pair of running-shorts handy, just in case.

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