11 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 3 – Naked Meditation

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  3. I think this entry answered my question on a previous post. Beautifully presented, and I agree with you 100% -especially on the “test” part to see if you realize you ARE clothed in Christ’s righteousness. Great application.

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  5. RE: “Want to test how you really feel about Christ’s forgiveness of your sins?” Well, that’s certainly an acid test, and how succinct too. I have never seen it put quite that way. It’s the ‘put up or shut up’ test of faith and nakedness. Congratulations for such razor sharp thinking. I’ll quote this on my blog and link back to you. Of course, if one believes that nakedness is not a sin, then the point is moot.

    • The issue I think points the finger at the non nudist who hasn’t come to term this this fact. I was hoping to shock people with the statement into testing it out for themselves.

      • I think so. It’s a pretty ‘in your face’ challenge., but it’s right on. God would not be ashamed of his work, why should you (one) be? I wish people would stop being ashamed of nakedness and start being ashamed about hate. I don’t think that Christ hates anyone.

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