6 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 5 – Naked Worship

  1. Thanks for the Reblog. My purpose for this series was to engage this issue for the purpose of discussion. This is the first real issue involving the practical application of the theology I learned in my studies. It has been a rewarding experience both to write and practice. So far only a couple ‘conservative’ Christians on this issue have really responded to me and both have been positive. Interesting huh? Maybe there is a little more discrete nudism out there than I thought?


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  4. Hi, I worship God naked sometimes and feel his presence in romantic way to the point of sexual stimulation. Is this normal. Do others experience this? I think of God as a lover like in Song of Songs.

    • I do believe in a sense romantic ideas do get into worship. I think you see this in more contemporary worship styles and lyrics. I am not so sure if this carries over into sexual stimulation. I have heard of a few who feel this way but not many. I wouldn’t call it normal in that sense as worshiping naked in and of itself is not necessarily considered normal. Normal does not necessarily carry over here but that is not necessarily bad. Sex to me is a spiritual experience as well as a physical one so I could see the possibility.

      My view on the Song of Songs has changed over the years. I now view it as a Hebrew erotic poem more than anything to illustrate the nature of love can indeed get past arranged marriages and be a part of married life. It is probably better to look at it as the Bible’s answer to the Kama Sutra than anything else.

      Thanks for the comment and question. Blessings.

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