5 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 7 – Other Naked Disciplines

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    Thank you for exploring the contemplative connection between Christian spiritual practices and nudity. I have found that being nude can help deepen the awareness of the inner being that needs to be open to God for spiritual transformation to occur.

  2. These are good connections you are making interesting to remember that in the early church catechumen were baptismed nude. It was part of expressing their spiritual transformation, leaving the old behind and taking on new life in Christ.

    • I want to get into the baptism thing when I get to corporate disciplines. It is one area of church history that people often don’t hear about when they consider this issue.

  3. Living in a small space (~300 sf) enforces a certain level of minimalism, because there isn’t a lot of space for a lot of “stuff”. My wardrobe is simple, simply because I don’t “need” a lot of clothes. Having only three small closets (18 inches wide each) would drive most people crazy, but not me. I grew up poor, so we had what we needed but not necessarily what we wanted. Living au naturel 90% of the time helps on laundry-volume, and how many days I can go between laundry-days is only limited by how many socks I have. When it comes to clothes, FREE is awesome, because I hate shopping for clothes. I certainly am NO slave to fashion.


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