12 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 10 – Naked Fellowship

    • Simmer? Interesting. Part of what I am trying to wrap my mind around a lot of things and one of those things is the possibility of nudity being a bridge to God less taken but not just by your typical Christian but also by many nudists as well. Leads it to being a possibly bridge between the two groups.

      • That bridge and how it is established is what I am reflecting (simmering) on. So many nudists/naturist see christians as the enemy responsible for all the restrictions on living clothes free.

  1. Of course, the traditional Christians see nudists as enemies because the traditional Christian cannot make a distinction between nudity and sexual desire. The bridge might be that we must show that nudity does not necessarily mean sexual desire. The truth is both sides could learn a lot form each other, if they could both just lose their judgmental attitude.

    • Ed, have you ever been to a nudist colony/camp/seminar? I can tell you, honestly, that while my purpose was to commune openly in nature, 99% of the men there (much older) were there to simply hope to hook up with a naïve female (something I did not fall for, by the way…I left after the first day) I tried Buddhism, yoga…and sadly, at the heart of most of these communal activities is the “intention”–an important idea to remember for all of us broken sinners in the world–the intention was never to commune with nature and find peace…it was about desire. Sorry, but that is what I’ve learned.

      • Actually no, one of the things that other nudists and naturists remark about me is that I am not a follower of the lifestyle but I am supportive of it. So far I am very much also a modest nudist and keep that part of my life at home and when I am alone as most of my family is more traditional in their outlook.

        I now view nudity as one of the tools that one can use when on a spiritual journey so your story is unfortunate but I think in large part it is because men have largest trouble separating nudity and sexuality. We find the female form attractive and that is as much biology as anything else. For me, the growing up has been to get past the sex/nudity confusion and it has made me a stronger Christian.

  2. Very, very interesting parallel. I love this, and find it very compelling. Spiritual nakedness is a frightening thing, so it’s cool to see it addressed this way.

  3. I think your idea is valid, but the reality that the Christians I know would be “naked”–in terms of simply being nakedly truthful and honest–seems out of reach. You mention ego–and that is a reality. Pride is the underlying major factor. In the Garden of Eden, God clothed the people because, after taking of the fruit of knowledge, we are all aware of “options”, temptations. We covered-up and have kept covering up. Lies to cover sins…and the lies lead to more sins. For me, I would enjoy being spiritually naked in a group of Christians (or others) and sharing, opening up. I would even be comfortable being spiritually and physically naked…if it was reciprocated by all, and that is the problem. Impossible. Try opening up and telling others what you’ve done–“really” what you’ve done. You are quickly ostracized by the “righteous few.” And, social standing, money, power all play part in even small prayer groups. Ok, say that I have been part of the exception…but, if you’re nakedly honest, you know I am more of the rule…not the exception. I like what someone said, that a church should be a hospital for sinners…not a museum of saints. But the latter seems to hit home. The only time they dust off the cobwebs to move at church is if you accidentally sit in their favorite pew. I have been scarred by church people–that’s nakedly honest. I forgive them. But every time I try to attend a church (and I’ve tried many), and be involved…I am reminded: I am a sinner and out of touch with the spiritual elite in the church. I had a lady actually tell me I needed to dress more appropriately–and I was dressed PG for sure! How would she know what was in my heart? How would she feel if that was her “Hello, welcome to First Baptist!” ? Sorry to go on and on…but I had to share. If you want to discuss, my email is amiechadwick@yahoo.com 🙂 Love & Blessings amie

    • You should not take what Christians generally do personally. I have found that the museum of saints (great expression by the way) is far too much the norm but Church really has lost its way in many cases in the western world. We spend too much time trying to make ourselves more righteous than others and not be both the hospital and recovery ward for sinners. I agree too time is spent in correcting and judging and not enough time is spent on compassion and openness. I large part, writing on the topic of nakedness opened my eyes to see how much we do cover up sin instead of being vulnerable and intimate with our creator like in the beginning.

      • That’s so right! Thank you for responding. Compassion, love, kindness, caring, outreach, forgiveness seem like out of touch responses to people visiting a church. We are all naked before God-nothing is hidden–and I can’t imagine why and how church people behave the way they do. I understand why I do. I am one of the honest lost–I am a sinner, probably the worst of the worst. I take no pleasure or pride in admitting so. But, when I go to church I actually feel worse? That’s so strange, isn’t it? I love the music. I love Sunday school (believe it or not…I do!) I am spiritual and believe in God. What’s missing? The right church?

    • I think you will always struggle finding the right church, but the more pressing issue for you is not the church but God. To admit one is a sinner is one thing, but repentance is another. Repentance involves two things – asking God for forgiveness and then going out and working on not doing the thing that caused you to need to ask forgiveness in the first place. I mean if a man asks his wife’s forgiveness for having an affair, but the goes out and has another one soon after, was he really sorry and repentant? God often likens our relationship to him in the same marriage like context do we not do the same by asking his forgiveness and then going back to the sin. Part of the message of God’s compassion is that he not only forgives us, but helps us change as well. Perhaps your answer lies is exploring your own relationship with God more than worrying about the right church.

      That said, many of the nudists that come to the pub here are Christians and followers of God. Part of the Christian community is nudist. We live in a wonderful world where through the internet you could find a community or develop one of like mind as yourself. Church as a term is often to narrowly defined. The early church did not have buildings but met house to house and so finding a community of faith that reflects your own may simply be a matter of searching and asking. The church is the people of Christ, not buildings on corners with crosses and steeples.


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