7 comments on “Naked Before God – Part 15 – Naked Problem #3: Spiritual Nudity vs. Society

  1. You are always on target but you knocked this one out of the ball park. Well done assessment of the societal issues, particularly the one core problem which is the conflating of nudity and sexuality.

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    Very accurate assessment of the current state of things

    But what all this really highlights is that there is a larger issue that crosses theological, religious, cultural, political. legal and psychological lines – the inability of many people to separate nudity from sexual behavior.

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  4. I love the idea–“nudity not equating to sex”–but that is a tough sale, from my own experience 🙂

    • I truly understand how hard it is to sell this idea but I think the problem is that it is true regardless of how hard it is to sell. I think our culture that this is particularly true but it has not always been true of every culture and society. The Polynesian culture of the islands in the Pacific was pretty much a nude culture which did everything nude so they definitely were ones that could distinguish between nudity and sex. It was only westerners that changed their concept later. It also very hard to make this switch in your mind if you have always been taught the opposite. I guess we will have to chalk this up to me being unique again. 😉 Thanks for the comment.

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