4 comments on “Naked Before God – Appendix A – Objections

    • Ok to be fair me and John Piper are about as alike theologically as dogs and cats. Were Both Christians and that is about it. I am an open theist and John has written books against the subject for instance. Unlike some I recognize John Piper for who he is: a guy with a theological opinion that is popular and not necessarily right. Having now read it I would say:

      1) The idea that nudity is part of our rebellion is not presented in Scripture itself, that is John Piper and Calvinistic theology that wants to make everything humans do since the Fall sin to keep Total Depravity intact. Shame about nudity is a consequence of the sin not part of the act of sin itself. If this is not so then what does he do with David dancing before the ark of God. If what he says is true then God justified an action that had inherent rebellion in it because of nudity.

      2) Clothes are just clothes. The idea that they are somehow a testimony of past and present failure and so future glory does not seem to fit to me. While I have no doubt that God can take something bad and make something good out of it, I think we need to remember shame is a result of sin and so one of the surest signs that a person is redeemed is then a lack of shame afterwards.

      3) I hate to break the news to Piper but the initial ‘covenant’ with Adam and Eve is presented to Adam and Eve but it still required their participation by obedience. That obedience had nothing to do with being naked but not eating fruit.

      4) Finally Piper demonstrates what a lot of people do with sexuality and nudity – he cannot separate the two from each other and it is rampant in this post from the title onward. The Bible seems to be able to do so but not many theologians – Piper included.

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