9 comments on “Naked Before God – Appendix B – Personal Reflection

  1. Edward, thank you for your awesome thoughts on this complex yet simplistic topic. Your series has been a great overview, and it’s cool to hear of your conclusions. Nudity and spirituality will unfortunately live in a place of tension given our cultural attitudes toward the subject, but I stand by you in wishing that this wasn’t the case. Perhaps that’s one of the greatest things about marriage (one that I share as well): The space for living in a way that’s what God intended back in Eden, that unashamed and uninhibited freedom with God, nature and spouse. Keep up the work, keep up the reflections, and I look forward to reading the book some day.

      • Bahaha. Love the pun. I’ve had a similar experience of doing those spiritual disciplines in the nude (alone, of course), and it truly does bring a more intimate element between me and God. Looking forward to the book!

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  3. Ed,
    Thanks for sharing this. My wife is definitely not in favor of corporate nudity except for our time together at home. That is a lot to appreciate . I no longer judge people about nudity, unless it is for exploitation. I am still in the medical profession as an RN, and deal with nudity, both male and female , from time to time. I am desensitized to that after 40 years. Earlier this week, I have to have a complete skin check done and had to get fully nude before the female doc and her female nurse. That really did not bother me either, as they were just doing their job. I do get a massage done once or twice a month, and my wife does not mind that. I am nude there under a towel, and the therapist only uncovers what she is working on. It is a great relief for my sciatic pain. I have been to the Korean Spa in DC where they have same gender nudity. It was ok, nobody stared and the freedom was great. That is about it for me. Thanks for your work on this. I do think you have a book coming out of this. Thanks, Gary

    • No problem. I am currently reading a few other books on spiritual nudity from a couple different perspectives as research for my book. It will basically be what I have written here only greatly expanded.

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Reverend Raby:
    I have eliminated most of the blogs that I follow, but there are two that I check daily, and yours is one of them.
    I began naturism after a hip joint replacement and planted screenery around my backyard, fishpond, and swimming pool. My wife joins me. When we make the bed, we even indulge in nude pillow fights!
    We are Methodist though somehow raised a Lutheran son and a Catholic daughter who both respect our new nudity.
    We are looking forward to your book treatment of Bare Spirituality.

    • Thank You, Too Kind

      The book is on hold for now I still have some of my own experiences to gather. I have a lot of holes in my communal experiences before I write it.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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