6 comments on “The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 3 – Biology and the Nature of Sex

  1. Great post and then it washed along with the mainstream views which are designed to blind people from the truth.

    1.” Women by nature are far more conscious of the emotional nature of sex.”

    Then how do we explain how women easily resort to prostitution? Even going as far as using sex as currency or payment for ‘things done’ in their marriages.. which is basically prostitution.

    2. “Women however have an advantage over men in that it is far easier for them to experience multiple orgasms than men”

    Most women will never and have never experienced multiple orgasm.

    3. “Women I think can experience more pleasure in sex than men but it is not always a guaranteed thing so they are far more selective about when, why and where”

    False, there is no way to measure who is experiencing more, its subjective anyway. Nor are they selective about why when and where, they too do it when they ‘feel’ like it.

    4. “They want good sex not just any sex; where a man will take sex anyway it comes.”

    Again mainstream view that men are just always ready to go, come on now, that not true.

    5. ” Once a man gets a woman the conquest is over so he looks for a new one. ”

    Oh really, then how do we explain men being faithful to their wives?

    6. “Biology ultimately leads us to a cold a mechanical process of procreation not intimacy.”

    Unlike animals we humans engage in sex independently of our biology. Animals engage in sex seasonally or when they are in ‘heat’. We humans just have sex because we ‘feel’ like it. Also if that was true how do explain the porn business? No intimacy and certainly no intent of procreation there.

    5. ” A woman is often said to need to be in the mood for sex but as many will tell you their mood can be aroused with kindness and affection.”

    Probably the biggest myth doing the rounds in the media, far from the truth.

    6.”For the Christian couple, biology needs to be acknowledged as a strong driving force and should be realistically dealt with but also the reality of pleasing God in all things including sex takes precedence”

    Sex for humans is not biological, the media wants us to believe that so that we may forget and its spiritual significance.

    6. “women simply have to acknowledge that there are times that we have to keep our legs together even if we don’t want to.”

    The Christian couple is not allowed to refuse sex to each other, except for prayer or when the women is on her cycle. The man may not deny his wife and the wife deny her husband. 1 Cor 7:3-5

  2. “Sex for humans is not biological, the media wants us to believe that so that we may forget and ignore its spiritual significance.”

  3. Excuse my ‘rant’, but if aim to give a Christian view on a topic like sex, one which the church is practically silent on then the least you can do is stay away from perpetuating these mainstream ideas which are literally driving people insane. Sex is a billion dollar industry and as such you can be guaranteed that it is filled with myth and lies.

    I mean well, please take no offence.

    • Ok, Rabyd Theologian takes deep breath. This is only part three of this series and I am engaged purely in the biological part at this point and have yet not gotten to the spiritual (part 4 is next week in this very thing) . My hope is to tear things apart a little and then put it back together. You are ranting at a partially done thing and I haven’t hit yet what you are talking about which will start in the next part. Most of what you are ranting about, I simply have not got to what you are talking about yet. Go back and read this whole series and also realize I am not finished. Get a grip, calm down and be patient I will get to the end and then you can rant if you think I am wrong. This post is not the whole story. It is part three of many to come.

      I will say this the mainstream view is not completely based on lies. If it was it would not survive. The point is of this post was not to engage the whole subject of the Christian Marriage Bed. This is merely the beginning of a series which I do not know the length of yet. This post was purely the sexual capability and nature of the beast BASED PURELY ON BIOLOGY.

      I am not own of those people that feels that biology has nothing to do with sex. It does because that is the way that God has designed us. I am not an either or person who thinks the world cannot discover truth from time to time. I look at mankind as a whole and that includes biology, spirituality and the rest. That includes our sexuality. We are not merely biological beings or spiritual being we are both and both affect us..

      As I read your comment s your reading a lot into what I have said. I too do not believe the media on this either but my observations are not based on the media but the science of sexuality which have studied.

      1. Did not say women could not look past their emotional sensitivity, just said they are emotionally more sensitive, I said nothing about whether they can look past or turn it off. I simply make not that this is a capacity they have, should the choose to use it.

      2-3. Just because most women do not experience in sex multiple orgasm does not mean they are not capable of it. There is a difference between capacity and experience to be sure. I was speaking to capacity on both issues not experience, that is a later issue for a later post.

      4-5. Faithfulness is a spiritual quality but this post was based purely biological issues. Same goes for promiscuity.

      6. Once again I probably agree with you but you are jumping the gun here and I have not got to that.

      The last two comments I will only say – not dealing with how Christianity changes things yet and I do not dismiss the notion that women and men respond to sexual desire and arousal differently because there is more than media opinion behind that – there is good science behind it.

      Sex is both biological and spiritual. It is not one or another.


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