2 comments on “The Death of the American Church – Truth or Hype? (Part 1)

  1. Hi Ed! One of my dearest friends moved from China about 10 years ago. She is a Christian and has told me many stories of how the Chinese people have grown in their faith because of persecution. I could not understand that at first–but she explained it that persecution demanded some type of response! If you were a Christian there it was a potential sacrifice. I read about the same in Muslim countries–where being a Christian is a life or death choice. I get mocked for saying I am a Christian for a multiple of reasons–not just atheists (and I have several friends that are atheists.) But, I do not fear for my life. And, I live on. Maybe that’s the problem? In a world where everything is “ok” it makes faith seem not so different than what type of car you drive or where you live? Just thought I would toss this thought out there! Love the post and your faith!!! You help me SO much, you can’t imagine! Thank you, dear friend!!!! Love – liz

  2. That is why the focus of this is the American Church. Christianity is growing in places like China (where the state view is atheism), Africa and South America. Australia sees very slow growth as well. Europe is considered by many to almost dead in any real sense of Christianity and the American church is just getting grey haired and in about ten years is simply going to be hurting due to attrition. It is something we clergy that are left talk about all the time. The fact that people are getting older in the church may cause roughly half of the churches to close over the next ten years depending on the death rate.

    Your point is well taken that perhaps because anything is acceptable that the church has no driving passion but I also know that pastors and priests alike like to protect their people so they steer people away from certain information to do so. It is a real problem to me because it set those same people up to lose their faith because the church is offering no good answers to the information they are getting.

    Great comment. Blessings and cheers!

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