16 comments on “Theology Pub – Temptation

  1. Ed,

    I have a disturbing comment….have you clicked on Aimeechadwick? It goes to her blog. She may be trolling your site for hits to hers. Her subject matter may be considered colorful in the least and down right pornographic by most. She acts like a seeker yet puts out her history in such a colorful way.

    Just thought I would mention it. As a Christian and Naturist who has be delivered from this stuff I find it disturbing if she is using you for bait. Especially in light of the sincere nature in which you deliver your wisdom.

    In Christ


    • I have actually had several conversations with ‘Aimee’. She seems to me a sincere seeker who is basically confessing her past. That’s the real issue in that she is not at present engaged in the adult entertainment industry at least not that I am aware of. She is actually trying to get her writing career off the ground writing about what she knows. The thing she knows the most about is the adult entertainment industry.

      Her largest problem is that she whenever she goes to church and they start to ask her about her past she gets judged when she tells them. No one seems to be able to accept her for who she is.at the present. Trust me I am being careful but I also need to give her the benefit of the doubt. She is still very much a nudist like yourself but she is trying to come to terms with her sex oriented past. Her blog is a reflection of this.

      I am very free to advise her better than anyone because I am not personally connected and still a pastor. I guess it is my personal conviction that I am a pastor to everyone who needs my help.

      Thanks for your concern and if you sense anything else let me know.

      Blessings and Cheers!

      • Ed, I know you’re being kind to the anonymous, judgmental poster, but feeding the beast is probably not the best thing, in my opinion. “if you sense anything else let me know.” Sense? They have none…they disgrace the grace they attempt to quality at the end of their post. That message is so far from being “in Christ” I am certain it originated in the darker depths of hell itself… If I am a problem–just tell me. I love your posts–have no agenda–I’m not a “seeker”, I believe and I am coming to terms with the past. I love everything you said, but this anonymous poster has no credibility to judge me “in Christ” …

      • My dear, I actually try very hard to be polite to everyone regardless of what I personally think about them or their comments. I feel PT is very wrong about you and know he is wrong but I also think he means well at least toward me. I do feel he should have looked a little closer to your comments on this blog before he fired off on you because he would have seen what I did. I came to the conclusion there was a real woman trying to come to terms with things. That is cool with me and I welcome you with open arms.

        The fact is we are al l ‘seekers’ at some level even if we claim a faith we are still exploring. You are coming to terms with your past and I enjoy watching that happen. The problem is that some people don’t want people to talk about their past in certain contexts to come to terms with it.

        I think PT does owe you an apology but I was hoping he would do some of his own research and then realize he did indeed owe you one. It was my hope with what I said to him that this was going to inspire him to do so. Unfortunately, I am not sure now bcause he has not responded.

        Liz, you are always welcome here and you are loved by this blog writer for who you are. If Christ can forgive your past and love you, I certainly am in no position to refuse you forgiveness or love.

        You are a good friend and I hope this incident does not hurt that.


    • Photo Tane, you are an example of the very problem I write and discuss. You do not know anything about me, yet you judge. Shame on you! I can judge what you just wrote–it is offensive and judgmental…perverse in your own twisted way. I do not use anyone for “bait”–how dare you say that. I connected here for the reasons noted–no agenda, unlike the one you so detest fully opt to share. Again, shame on you PT!

    • “Photo Tane”, not only do you disgrace grace with your “disturbing” judgmental post but you also carry it out in a serpentine, troll-like fashion. Underhanded, non-transparent, dishonest…you certainly qualify for the hypocrite of the day award. I know who you are…that was too easy

  2. “Tequila” has connected–the theology, philosophy and physicality all have touched her sweet heart. Denying this will only make nights at the pub more brutal. Confronting the reality–exploring the heart of Tequila may help. 🙂 (Love your fiction writing–hmmm, any connection to reality?) Love ya!

    • The connection to reality is there but not always does it involve me. I am not the bartender and yet he shares much of my personality and life experiences but he has his own as well.

      Tequila was introduced as a practical answer to a difficulty I had in the pub (no waitress) but she also is kind of the allegorical to the idea of making wise choices. I am pushing this by creating a situation between her and the bartender.

      I have always written the Theology Pub from the point of view of the bartender and I don’t see that stopping so to explore Tequila’s heart is going to be difficult without long conversations with her and the bartender. If you want more information on the allegory under the page ‘Theology Pub’ posts is a primer page which explains some of it although it is still incomplete. The main things are there however.

      Blessings and Cheers!

      • Ed, That’s one of the roles of a bartender, manage a barroom fight! LOL Seriously, whoever or whatever “PT” is…is wrong. He (I am assuming you know him from your comments) owes me an apology. He was so ugly, judgmental, nothing deserving of the love and grace you share in your writings. Thank you again for accepting me “just as I am.” Love & Blessings – liz

      • PT has commented before but I don’t think this is a fight so much as a woman insulted. You slapped him hard but he hasn’t been round to feel the sting yet. He does not come around often though so it might be a while before he sees your comments.

        Blessings and Cheers!

  3. Amie, (Liz)

    I have been away for a few days. I see I have caused quite a stir.

    I am glad to hear you are seeking Christ. I owe you an apology for not offering you the grace you so richly deserve.

    My comments were not in light of your past for that has been forgiven but the link to your stories and the accompanying photographs. I have fought the fight to be free from the bondage of pornography and the lies regarding GOOD NUDITY and was displeased to see your link to Ed’s site by only a click. Sorry for the judgment my past was influencing my speech.

    Christ has died and rose from the dead to sit at the right hand of the father to redeem our pasts and I am glad you have found him. I did find your poetry and the comments you have posted here on Ed’s site to be quite in contrast to the stories about your past.

    I trust as you continue your walk with Christ you continue to find the peace and freedom he so willingly offers.

    Again I apologize for accusing or judging. I had sent the note by email hoping to keep my communication private. It was my desire to ask privately and not judge publicly. I was seeking Ed’s response privately somehow it became public. I am sorry for the pain I have caused.

    You have every right to a place in the Kingdom and I would love to welcome you in and to offer you my seat at the Marriage supper.


    • I am sorry that this became public in retrospect. I really need to post my email address more clearly so people can do more private communication if they need to. Thanks PT for apologizing and I hope you will accept mine if you were not expecting this to be public. Your private email never arrived so I might need to make sure that is more public information.


      • It happened that I receive the blog in my inbox. I just used the reply button not realizing it was going to the blog and not just to you. sorry for the mix up. The last thing I wanted, was to extend less than the full extent of God’s Grace. We are all sinners saved by Grace.


    • Thank you, PT. I forgave you and now I truly have peace. My past is what led me to where I am today–and I still have a long way to go. I am struggling on many levels–my past is and has been always in my face…and I need grace so deeply. Pray for me as I pray for you. And, forgive me if I have offended you in my posts, they are an effort to actually extinguish–not distinguish–my past and be cathartic in spirit and life. I need to reconsider the offerings. I will ask you and Ed to tell me if I am going too far–you won’t hurt my feelings giving me, a sister, advice. Thank you 🙂 Love & Blessings to you – liz

      • Aimee,

        As a child of God your heart is so transparent. I am honored to have been a catalyst for your change. I wish to echo the wise words of our friend Ed Raby Sr. I have no issue with your beautiful body in non sexual photos. As a photographer and artist nudity is benign or neutral. It is our minds that trip us up. It was only the sexual imagery that caused my questioning. Fortunately, as Ed has mentioned becoming a nudist has set new boundaries for me and it is so much easier to not go into temptation so to speak.

        My desire for you is that as you continue to see God as your Lord that he will direct your path. His forgiveness covers ALL your past even as you struggle with the concept of repentance and the blessings of His Forgiveness. He is faithful to be by your side as you finish your journey.


        I have added this note about a website on Shame that I hope will help in your struggle for freedom. God wants us to be unashamed in our relationship with him the enemies desire is to distance us from God by using shame to keep us in bondage our past.


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