4 comments on “The Death of the American Church – Truth or Hype? (Part 4)

  1. Much of what you are speaking is about the staid ritualistic church. My family attends a very dynamic church (C3 Christian City Church) where there are many pastors and lay people very involved. In 6 months the church grew as they added a second location to where there were 3 thousand new visitors and 1 thousand new souls added to the body of Christ.

    As a church the judgemental stuff you mentioned is left to our own conscience. As Paul states in Romans 14 (I think) we are to let our convictions be from the Holy Spirit. I believe our church growth is because we have adopted a first century model in that ALL are gifted by the Holy Spirit to work in the gifts (healing, knowledge, prophecy, tongues, discernment and the like). We do not rely on the pastor alone to hear or speak to others. By the way all is done in order.

    I agree with most of your tenents as presented hear. I came by this site as a result of you views on nudity and found the other articles refreshing. Sorry you found it necessary to leave AOG. I may have joined you under the circumstances you mentioned. I find the only things we should be judging are the believers and only for the Moral tenents listed in scripture as Paul suggested in the early chapters of Corinthians regarding the man who was sleeping with his step mother. He was later restored to the faith and the church. Major in the Majors and let the rest sort its self out.

    God Bless.

    • I am afraid the dynamic/ritualistic dichotomy does not necessarily fall easily in to categories. The Assemblies of God is what most would consider a dynamic church but they are facing the same problems. The issue is really that in America as a general whole we are losing and that is dynamic and ritualistic both. There are always exceptions to the rule and I doubt very much that the church would vanish but the projections are such that the current generation of youth will only have 4% of them being Christians by the time they are forty.

      The real problem is that you are describing the exception rather than the rule right now. It is hard to find a growing church in America. People still engage in judgment of others despite the fact the they know it does not lead to church growth and is spoken of against in the teaching of Christ.

      Just a note on that note. You need to go back to Theology Pub – Temptation and offer an apology to amiechadwick. She was very offended at being called a troller. In pub terms, the lady was insulted and slapped you across the face. Might want to do something about that.

      Blessings and Cheers!

  2. I am sure you have already seen my response. I truly regret publicly questioning her veracity and have asked forgiveness.

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