5 comments on “Sexual Purity and The Virginity Cult

  1. Let’s not forget the aspect of “conquest”. Let’s just say, when you wear white all the time, how many people are tempted to spill something on you? How many start to resent you for staying “clean”?

    • Good point. It can put a big bulls eye on your head if you keep going on about you virginity and purity. I image there are a few predators and less than moral men who would take advantage of a girl who does this because it is their thing to do.

      Thanks and blessings.

  2. My first wife was a virgin when we got married, but rather than lamenting the loss of a “part” of her, she celebrated losing her virginity as opening the door to her full sexuality, which she enjoyed with gusto. She was well-prepared for marriage and sex, because it hadn’t been kept a secret by her family. She grew up on a farm, so “birds and bees” was dogs and cats, pigs and horses, chickens and cows doing what they do naturally. She also didn’t grow up with the luxury of indoor plumbing and private bedrooms and bathrooms.

    This virginity-cult is an attempt to corral the horses back into the barn, after they left the barn door open many decades ago. While many Christians lament what Satan has done to marriage and sex, parents and the church opened the door to Satan by abdicating their roles and responsibilities in training their children for marriage and sex. Talking about sex is the greatest taboo in the church. The church has also taken upon itself the role of “moral-police”, often with devastating results.

    There was a young couple in a church I attended several years ago who took things a bit “too-far”, and she got pregnant. Yes, they did get married in a private ceremony, but how the pastor handled announcing that they had gotten married still distresses me to this day. The pastor took it upon himself to announce their transgression to the whole congregation during the morning service, so that we could “surround them with love” after the service. I believe that it would have been far more appropriate for him to simply announce that they had gotten married, congratulate them, and perhaps announce that there would be a reception in the fellowship hall after the service. Why they “had” to get married was nobody’s business. He could have turned what he made into a stressful situation a time of joy and celebration.

    Far from declaring “the whole counsel of God” regarding marriage and sex, the church only knows and declares “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, forgetting that God said “Be fruitful and multiply” many centuries before He gave the Ten Commandments. God considers preparation for marriage and sex so important that He gave us a whole book in the Bible about it – the Song of Solomon.

    It is past time for the church to get back in the game and start declaring and teaching the whole counsel of God about marriage and sex. Only then will we start seeing our children grow up into mature adults, ready for the joys and responsibilities of marriage and sex.


    • Well spoken. I recently had a young couple get pregnant out of wedlock in the community. I did not make a big deal about it, or decry it. I married them and celebrated their new life together. So far this is keeping them very much a source of joy for each other.

      Blessings and Cheers!

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