15 comments on “Theology Pub – The Siege

  1. Ed, Tequila is a remarkable paradox of wonderful qualities–independent and submissive; loyal but reflective enough to stay away from the “fire.” The metaphor of Bloodsuckers is great, too! I do hate the thought of being trapped–under siege–a real nail-biter! 🙂 Love & Blessings – liz

      • Hmmm. Tequila is patient, wise and uses her understanding of men, not to manipulate them, but to genuinely help them. She also does not get bent out of shape when men are men. If they look at her cleavage, call her babe or put their hand gently on her backside she does not bat an eye and considers it a compliment. If it goes farther than that though she is the first to knee them in the groin with my blessing.

        I am married but I must freely confess I like to flirt with other women because it lets me know I am still a sexual being so I like a woman who can do that and not go too far with it. I’m a man so if a woman has a nice figure, that is a bonus but my interest in that part of things is more about nice curves and not necessarily a woman with washer board abs but I am not against them either. I like women with a ‘cuddly’ look. Best I can explain it. Don’t really care about hair or eye color.

        Truth is I love women in general and often get along with them far better than the men in my life. I like their qualities in general and some of the above in particular. Tequila is all of this so I guess I would love her if she was real. You seem to have some of those a well.

        Sexy to me is an attitude so if a woman has these qualities and uses them to be true to herself and respect me, I would consider her sexy. A nice ass doesn’t hurt either 😉

      • You are one of the few men I’ve ever “met” (feel like I know you) that understands the concept of being a woman…that’s a MAJOR compliment.

        So, do you find outgoing blondes who write poetry and enjoys a good laugh sexy? 🙂

      • A little flirting is fun…no need for gulps 🙂 LOL So, you’re a bodybuilder, too? Wow…spirit…soul…and body…nice package 🙂

      • Had to stop lifting for the last few months. I hurt my shoulder not bad enough for surgery or a doctor but at my age it made me stop for a breather. It has caused me to put on a little weight because me and cardio don’t get along to well. I do it but it never does as much for me as lifting and cardio do together. I am fighting to get back at it. I am 6’5″ so I have never really been light and at the beginning of the year I was 295lbs. with low fat. Now I am about 330lbs. but now my shoulder doesn’t hurt at all so I am ready to get back lifting.

        Package? Hmmm. I you referring to something other than my perceived trifecta of spirit, soul and body.

      • 6’5″ and 330…you’re a big guy (I don’t like big guys…I love big guys!) It sounds like your package is fully intact, in all ways and forms. 🙂 I love to be swept up, off my feet…and big guys are the only one who hold me up for long periods of time… So, size does matter ! 🙂 And it sounds like you can pack a punch! 😉

      • Warning, Ed…I’m in a really flirtatious mood–I get that way when my needs need meeting 🙂 You?

      • I flirt when a woman flirts, When she doesn’t, I don’t flirt. In our society it is safer that way. 😉

        I have told my wife my needs are pretty much on all the time so if I based it on that I would be in trouble. 😉 I do have to exercise a lot of self control because I do like women in general so much.

      • Nothing wrong with that…do you feel comfortable flirting with me? I hope so–I do with you. Nothing more than healthy flirting, ok? 🙂 And, you know me quite well–not a lot to hide here LOL 🙂

      • Yes I am comfortable with it. I wouldn’t do it unless I felt both of us could handle it. I would have to admit it is very motivating to me in a lot of ways.

        No you definitely don’t hide anything. 🙂

      • That is true–I am very much a what you see is what you get girl LOL Nothing to hide here…no pockets. And, guess what? I am naked as the day I was born–enjoying some afternoon quiet time, tea, the compute and me…just me 🙂 I love being nude…love it!

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