5 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – Well, Now You Did It Feminism (The Myth of the Patriarchy)

  1. Ok, are you ready for a woman’s perspective LOL! Actually, you wrote this in a very balanced manner. I am the FIRST to say “equal” is equal. And, I do not assume that just because someone opens a door for me, they are trying to get me in their bed. Chris Rock had a joke about that–makes me laugh. A man opens a door for a woman and says, “After you!” when really he is thinking “Let’s f*^k!” LOL Are you guys really that bad? 🙂 Seriously, sexual harassment is way out of touch, BUT let me remind everyone that it still exists and just because there are so many flimsy instances it should not negate the real, aggravated harassment of women (and men) I do not see “sides” in all of this–we are all people and equal rights are equal HUMAN rights. Forget patriarchal or matriarchal and feminism and all of the cultural tags. Let’s love, respect and treat each other as Jesus said–as we ourselves want to be treated! 🙂 Love ya (you’re a brave man for this posting–especially around me!) LOL – liz

    • Well the problem is I hate the assumptions about men that some feminists use. I also don’t think Chris Rock is right about this one. I have held the door open for many a female and truth is there were very few I wanted to or would be willing to bang. I am just polite and a little old fashioned. Oddly, I have never had any of these women think this was the invitation being given. Sexual harassment is of course real but I think a lot that more hardcore feminists consider sexual harassment are just guys being guys. I also have seen the dark side of one man I know who committed suicide over a sexual harassment charge that ruined his marriage and life but it turned out later it was not true. I equality would be nice but the more I look at the legal system it is not equal and the balance favors the ladies right now.

      Blessings and Cheers! Brave? hell yeah I juggle chainsaws 😉

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