2 comments on “Theology Pub – Savage Defense

  1. Re: The girl in the picture
    The first thing I noticed about the girl in the picture, (well, actually the second thing 🙂 ) was the Star of David pendant on her necklace. I looked through the story and didn’t see anything about her being a Jewish girl. Maybe I missed it. But the girls of the IDF are beautiful but you don’t want to mess around with them. They are all trained marksmen. (or maybe that should be markswomen.)

    • The origin background of my three barmaid triplets is somewhat cloudy. They look ‘Spanish’ but it has never really been told what origin they are from.

      I also use pin ups sometimes because they relate to the story in another way but I did find the star of David interesting.

      Blessings and thanks for the comment.

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