One comment on “Rabyd Writer – Deep Thoughts

  1. Enjoyed this post…

    Concerning #2, I thought perhaps you might find interesting.

    Also… #3: I ultimately started my own business; and I don’t mean a MLM or some other such business. No, mine is the much more traditional type of business. I have found several benefits. It is a great place for me to unload some of my creative juices, doing something that I have always enjoyed. But, also, it has given me a way to “connect” with, and build relationships with, my community (even “sinners”) in a way that I could never do as a Pastor. However… and this is a BIG however… after 3 yrs, there is still no black ink in the ledger. But… in time, perhaps I will one day be able to put the red pen away.

    Again, thanks for posting. It is good to know that I am not the only guy facing some of these same issues.


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