4 comments on “Rabyd Apologetics – God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (Part Three) – Religion Kills

  1. Since all civilizations were powered by religion, Hitchen’s claim is false.

    Further, Hitchen’s claim harkens to premodernity when human life was short, lonely and brutal.

    • I am reading this book with as open a mind as possible, but I would agree that he tends to see the downside of religion a lot more than others would. I am still trying to see where he is going to go with this having never read this book before. Religion does do a lot of evil to be sure but it also has done a lot of good as well but Hitchens does not want to see it at least so far. We will see if he acknowledges any good that religion has done.

  2. You know me, Ed, and my struggles in finding a place to call a home church, and that is why I would agree with what you said in the ending–“religion sucks.” It does in its adulterous, incestuous, pious, arrogant and self-promoting attitudes. Religion seems to feed on itself and others (adulterous and incestuous references) Piety is so nasty. I can smell a hypocrite from a mile away. But, then –ready for the shocker–I have come to learn and see myself as no better than the religious jerks when I judge them. That was the basis for the “writing in the sand” poem–Jesus reminded the religious people of their sins–they knew, they left with rocks unthrown. 🙂 I handled the pastor I mentioned to you completely different–I called him, asked him to meet me for coffee and then asked him to show me in the Bible some of the points you mentioned. He kept rattling about creeds and confessions (that I remembered!) and could not point back to show me in the Bible where his belief that I was a “condemned vessel” and predetermined or whatever to be already determined to be a resident of hell fire and brimstone! What a piece of work. But, I told him I was not sold on that and I prayed for him–right there in Starbucks near his church! I prayed for him to have compassion, love and outreach for those lost and to not be judgmental. I doubt it worked but I know I left an impression on him! Thank you always for sharing these wonderful writings–I love reading your work! I have a new post that was the toughest to post–I hope you will take a look at it when you can, “For the Child I Will Never Have” is the name of the poem. Love and blessings to you my sweet, dear friend! liz

    • Good for you Liz, as much as I have a contempt for religious attitude I really have a lot of compassion for religious people who I consider blind and wretched for it. I think Jesus may have had the same attitude about the people who ultimately killed him.


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