4 comments on “Rabyd Discipline – Sisyphus

  1. It’s called life. We all sometimes feel like Sisyphus. It’s precisely why when I decided to try writing (last year) my very first play was about that Greek mythological figure… The only thing was my Sisyphus had enough. One day he just said no.

    • Trust me I am well aware of life. There are times when it is not like this as well, I have lived them. I also toy with the idea of just saying no as well. The implications are more than just inconvenience at least for me.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Ed, first thank you for the link! 🙂 You know I can be a ditz when it comes to finding things! I read the post and I prayed for you and will continue to do so. I never like conflict, but I disagree with the first commenter, Marc. I believe that movement is important. Don’t let the rock fall on you and don’t give it any leverage or empowerment–I think you agree. People like you cannot simply go off the grid. Sometimes a break is good, but that does not entail self-inflicted paralysis, so keep moving! You are so vibrant and vital in your blog, I truly cannot imagine how engaging and inspiring you are in person! So, please keep that in mind. Most people (like me) get stuck under the rock and have to crawl out–you can press forward, onward and upward. As a trainer, your muscle memory is always there!!! You know this! 🙂 When God wants you to train all out again you will be ready. 🙂 Just stretch, meditate and keep your muscles loose–nothing worse than coming back and getting an injury. I know you know this, but felt the compulsion to remind you. If I go two days without a hard workout I start getting that depressed, “Oh, no, I’m going to flab” feeling–but it’s just a feeling, not reality 🙂 As far as your inspiration and work on the school board, again, I KNOW you are leaving a wonderful impression–just keep pushing. And, as far as careers, for someone going through a MAJOR change myself, I can tell you that momentum is important–keep moving! 🙂 I know you will, you inspire me and so many! And, thank you for the comment on my photo–it is my favorite (glossed for PG-13 🙂 ) Love & Blessings – liz

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