3 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – WWJD – Some Uncomfortable Answers

  1. That article hits the nail on the head.

    I believe the statement “buying people who were already drunk yet another round” is in reference to Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine where people had already drank all the wine that was around. Jesus also makes note that some of the religious people were calling him a drunkard in Luke 7:34.

    • True. Jesus had no real problem with alcohol use given that he made some. The modern religious folks can’t really accept what Jesus was if they were honest about it. If he showed up in church today he would be relegated to the outside. Thanks for the comment.

  2. My studies of the life of Christ and the ministry of the Apostle Paul have led me to much the same conclusions. I don’t need to ask “What would a Pharisee do?” because I see and read their writings all the time. While they are “theologically-correct”, I about puke because there is no love or compassion in their writings. If our modern-day “Pharisees” had their way, we would still be stoning people in the LGBTQ community, rather than loving and ministering to them.

    The modern church is NOT my template for ministry, because those are failing to fulfill both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. They are NOT “loving their neighbor as themselves” and they are NOT going to those communities they deem “offensive”, such as nudists and LGBTQ’s.

    If I have to act like a “Pharisee” to have a “good reputation” in the church, I don’t need a “good reputation”. I’ll follow Jesus and His reputation any time, because His approval is far more important to me than theirs.

    WWJD? He was a friend of sinners, and I want to be just like Him.



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