2 comments on “The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 27 – Sexual Practice – The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Positions

  1. I suppose that my first wife and I had a “boring” sex-life by some estimates, because we only used two positions during our 19 1/2 year marriage, but what mattered was that sex was always enjoyable. Whether I was on top, or she was on top, we could certainly rock the mattress. I actually preferred for her to be on top because I could use my hands for pleasuring her, rather than to hold myself up. My hips and knees are too bad these days to spend much time on top, but “doggy-style” is very joint-friendly.

    I suppose that Adam and Eve’s first “teachers” were the animals, because I doubt that God gave them a copy of the Kama Sutra on their wedding day. From there, it was whatever worked and felt good to them.

    • I this particular post, my focus was spirituality. I could have of course commented on practicality much more. You make an excellent point as if it works, it works. I imagine that Adam and Eve could have used the animals which would have for the most part lead them to doggie style which is actually some believe the most culturally used option world wide. At the same time we humans are quite creative. You don’t get books like 365 different sex positions, one for each day without that kind of creativity.

      Blessings and thanks for the comment.

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