2 comments on “Rabyd Philosophy – Christian Libertarian – No, It’s Not an Oxymoron

  1. We live in a very different world and country than the one we grew up in. Even though there wasn’t a policeman on every corner or a surveillance camera on every utility pole, we were far safer than we are now. Children could play and be themselves without worrying about whether there was someone who would do them harm. Yes, there was a proliferation of bomb shelters just about everywhere, but we never saw bombers flying overhead, let alone any bombs falling. My parents were never worried about me when I walked or rode my bicycle over to a friend’s house, even though he lived a couple of miles away and I had to walk or ride on city streets. There weren’t even any close-calls.

    Body-armor hadn’t even been invented yet, and the only “automatic weapons” were military machine-guns. The term “assault-rifle” hadn’t been coined because there was no such thing as an “assault-rifle”. Police officers carried pistols – revolvers, not high-capacity semi-automatic handguns, shotguns or automatic-weapons. Even the FBI was still packing revolvers.

    Today, we are getting closer to a police-state by the minute. “Law-enforcement” is the order of the day, and the notion of “Protect and Serve” is long-gone, even if some police departments still pay lip-service to it. The “pistol-belt” of today bears more resemblance to Batman’s “utility-belt” or yore, with officers carrying more ways to bring-down, subdue or otherwise do-harm than seem reasonable. Police departments are using more and more either military-surplus or specialty armored vehicles. Do we live in war-zones? It certainly seems that way. Everywhere we turn, we see more and more surveillance cameras, and nothing we say write or post on the internet is private any more.

    If our country’s founding fathers could come back to life, the first thing they would do is hang about 90% of our legislators and bureaucrats, starting with the man in the White House and the corrupt bunch in the Supreme Court, because our government bears very little resemblance to what they envisioned. “Career-politicians” have replaced “citizen-statesmen”, and those that we “elect” have no allegiance to those who “elected” them. When we do manage to replace one “bad-apple” with someone who acts like he/she is “going to do things right”, their efforts are almost immediately stymied by the rest, particularly those who have sold-out to special-interest-groups. The government of “We the people” has been replaced by the US Government, a corporation.

    Have we passed the point-of-no-return? Is our country irreparably broken? From our perspective, and yes, I am in the same camp with you, it certainly seems that way. Our only real physical “security” is the security which we can provide for ourselves, and yes, that includes packing “heat” when we feel necessary. Some dear friends of mine, who live in western in New Mexico, pack a weapon 24/7/365, and that includes on Sunday mornings in church. He told me that about a third of the adults in that church are packing on any given Sunday. Is there going to come a time when we have to even protect ourselves and our churches from anti-Christian forces, including from our own government? It certainly looks like the pendulum is swinging rapidly in that direction. Are we ready?

    In Christ,


    • Steve,

      I hear you and at times it can seen very bleak indeed. I know my own congregation packs heat. My worship leader is a former cop and pack every Sunday. In Michigan we have concealed weapon permits and at least six of my people have asked if it was OK to pack at service. I understand very much what you are saying.

      I however hold out one hope that the ideals of the founders have more intellectual and emotional weight in the end than the statism of the politicians. I am one who loves my country enough to bear all things, endure all things, hope all thing and believe all things. My knowledge of history tells me that we have faced these movements before and a new day did indeed dawn where liberty and freedom won out. When it comes to the blessings of liberty I guess I am an eternal optimist.

      Of course, I also put my faith in Christ so that no matter what I have another home that is my ultimate destination where freedom in Christ is central so in the end I am always free.

      Blessings and Cheers,


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