2 comments on “Rabyd Discipline – End of the Road

  1. Would we be more, or less, willing to heed God’s call if He raised the curtain and showed us His whole plan for our lives? Would seeing the “big picture” comfort us, or make us uneasy?

    I have now been living here for two years, but they have not been what I envisioned. When I moved here, I had just gotten married, but that marriage effectively ended just a month later. She moved in with another man, and I have rarely seen her since.

    A couple of months later, a younger lady moved in next door. Little did I know, but God had a reason for me being here and effectively single, because my neighbor has a host of health problems, not the least of which is asthma. She has needed me at three in the morning to set up her nebulizer and help her get the breathing treatment.

    I have long ago quit counting the number of times I have taken her to the doctor, or to the hospital. She has had four surgeries and several hospitalizations just this year, and I have been there for her every time. She knows that she can call me even if she just wants to talk.

    My marriage and romantic relationship has been replaced by, a perhaps even closer relationship, a brother/sister relationship. Her dad and I are on a first-name basis, and if he can’t get ahold of her, he knows that he can call me. I have called him for her when she was unable to call him herself.

    If I had known beforehand that my marriage would only last six weeks, I wouldn’t have gotten married, but I didn’t. God had other plans for me, but He has only shown me a little bit at a time. I now have a little sister who I love to pieces.

    I don’t know what the rest of this day will bring forth, but I am here for whatever it is. She got hit by a truck in a parking lot just a bit ago, and even though it doesn’t appear that she broke anything, she is pretty badly beat up. It won’t surprise me if she calls me from the hospital later today, or if she gets home, and then decides that she needs to go to the ER.

    Blessings on your next chapter.


  2. Being an open theist, the idea is the big picture of my life is not really the issue for me but to display the character of Christ regardless where Christ leads. Life is scary enough without and overarching ‘destiny’ That said, I have found that God open doors around me and gives me opportunities to do what needs to be done.

    Prayers for you and thank you.

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