7 comments on “The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 28 – Sexual Practice – Sometimes It Is Just About Lust and That Is OK

  1. Some of the best times my first wife and I had in bed were when we were horny as a three-balled tom cat. The moment didn’t have to be right. We just made it right, and the sex was awesome.

  2. Remember though that women are generally not satisfied in five minutes like a man is…good lovers will take the time and effort to please each other. Obviously there are situations when you just have to go ahead and steal a moment, but I wonder if sometimes men don’t fall back on simple “lust” a little too often. This is just my 2 cents as a woman.

    • I have no doubt what you say is true but I have to say that if you read the whole series from start to finish you will see that I advocate the very thing your saying. The thing is ‘sometimes’ it can’t be about that and it needs to be about unbridled lust.

      I would also add that in my experience there have been a couple occasions where it has been my wife who wanted the quickie and not necessarily me. Just pointing out that female satisfaction does not necessarily involve a long romantic session followed by an hour of foreplay either. Sometimes even women just want get laid.

      Thanks for the comment,

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

      • An HOUR of foreplay? Heavens, I think most women would be happy with 10 minutes, LOL.

      • Some of us men have learned that patience is the greatest attribute of being a good lover. Unfortunately not all.

        Blessings and Cheers!!!

  3. Ed,

    I feel that the word Lust is perhaps inappropriately used here. IMHO the word Passion could and should be used to describe incredibly horny married sex….Is not “lust” also “coveting” or should I say stealing, desiring that which is not yours? In marriage couples give their bodies to each other to become one.

    I feel we as Christians get the whole thing off track by comparing the heated marriage bond to LUST. By this I mean, men end up seeing a pretty woman and appreciate her visually then feeling guilty. Yet, LUST is not part of the equation unless he “chooses” to go beyond just visual appreciation to fantasy fulfillment. No sin is committed. Yet, we as men are told the second look becomes sin.

    I believe you even touched on this in one of your nudity and God segment.

    I dare say LUST is not a married virtue.


    • Semantics. Kicks your butt every time. But I would maintain were talking the meaning of words and if you look up lust in your average dictionary – horny sex would equal lust regardless if it takes place in marriage or not. Not using the sinful understanding of the word because I am already inside the context of marriage in this series.

      If the pretty woman is your wife and you do that second glance in horny passion it is lustful but entirely safe because it is your wife. Lust in a more sinful understanding would be horny passion and desire for someone your not supposed out have horny passion and desire for. aka a strange woman.

      The meaning of words always depends on the context. In this post ‘a Christian marriage’ is the context so I think I am good with calling animalistic horny passion – ‘lust’ and not be treading on sin.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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