One comment on “Rabyd Opinion – The Government, The Church and Marriage (Part One)

  1. I have come to much the same conclusions. We have allowed the state to enter and regulate something that isn’t the state’s business. Marriage and divorce are huge cash-cows for many states, so wrestling that authority from them will be all but impossible. The church is in collusion with, and has become an accessory to this criminal enterprise, because the church considers having a marriage-license to be necessary for a couple to be considered “married”. The church also considers a couple “married” as long as they have not become legally divorced, even if a true “marriage” no longer exists.
    What has given the church the authority to be in the “marriage” business? What is the church’s “authority” to determine what a “valid” marriage is? Has the church gotten into the “marriage” business because of the control it can exercise over its members? Has the church way over-stepped its bounds?

    Case in point: My “wife” and I got legally-married December 6, 2012, and lived together as husband and wife for less then six weeks. She moved out January 16, 2013 and went to live with another man, so for the last two years, I have been legally-married but without a wife to show for it. Had I never told my church that I am married, and had she never gone to church with me, my church would never been any the wiser, but she did go to church with me twice, and I told my church about my broken “marriage”.

    A couple of things prohibit me from filing for divorce. 1) The injunction in 1 Corinthians 7:11, “the husband should not divorce his wife.” 2) I don’t have the money. ($400 just to file)

    If I were to go to my church with another woman on my arm, the first question I would be asked would be whether my wife and I had gotten divorced. If I answered honestly, and told them that we are still married, I would face church discipline for living in adultery. The other option would be to lie about it. For a Christian, the church has become the “enforcer” of “marriage fidelity”. My only other option would be to start going to another church where both of us were completely-unknown.

    “Marriage” has become less about a “committed-relationship”, and more about a “legal-contract”, and for those, like myself, who still have a “legal-contract” but no “committed-relationship”, we are in a Catch-22 situation with our churches.

    God bless,


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