2 comments on “The Rabyd Spirit – Providence

  1. I think providence is much more of an abstract idea than most people do I think…kind of like a 3 dimensional object describing itself to a 2 dimensional one…. Seems too many times, we affirm in one breath that God is other-than, but then demand in the next one that we have God figured out.

    Often a celebration is just as much for the other people as it is for the individual. I hope a clear pathway presents itself soon regarding your church. There’s often twists & turns that we don’t see up ahead, but having peace about the trail – and who we are walking with makes the journey that much sweeter even during the stressful times. I have to work out a little more than I’d like due to my job, but I always enjoyed running trails than streets. May your political waters be smooth.

    Have a good one!

  2. I don’t think that our understanding of God’s providence can exist in a vacuum. Our understanding of providence has to be tied intimately into our understanding of Romans 8:28, because what God calls “good” doesn’t always fit into our idea of “good”. Things happen to us that aren’t very “good”, but the long-term outcome may be VERY GOOD. By way of example:

    A little over two years ago, my wife of less than six weeks moved out, leaving only a note. I was alone, in an unfamiliar area, with no friends, with no support-system, just alone. That was NOT “good”. I didn’t even have a church to call “home”. As bleak as that picture looks, the first new piece fell into place almost immediately. I was “guided” (providence) to a church which has been a far-better church situation than what I had before. I have now been part of that church for over two years, and I couldn’t ask for a better church home. Yes, I still have a few friends in the old church who would like for me to move back to that area (mom attends that church), but i wouldn’t trade churches for anything, because I am where I “belong”. That was “good” piece #1.

    Along with a new church came new friends. “Good” piece #2.

    Still legally-married/relationally-single. I am “okay” with the “relationally-single” part at this time, but the “legally-married” part is NOT “good”, because it severely limits my relationship options. It would be nice to have at least a “part-time” girlfriend because I still desire female companionship. I have no desire at this time to ever get married again. Four times is enough.

    Getting dumped here left me in a personal “no-man’s-land”, because all of my personal “identity” had been defined by all the “whats” that I was. All of my “props” had been kicked out from under me and I was left wondering “who” the guy in the mirror was. It is hell when a person’s life has been defined by their jobs, their roles in life, and maybe more importantly, their titles…employee of X-company, husband, father, Safety Officer, just to name a few of the ones that have defined me through the years. I came here a “husband”, but even that was ripped from my “resume”. Those first several months were very difficult as I searched for my lost “identity”, but I emerged a new man with a real personal-identity, an identity that can never be taken away. I had to go through that personal hell before the ultimate GOOD grew out of it. In God’s providence, He put me through something that was very unpleasant in order to give me something that will go with me for the rest of my days, my person-hood. Had I been able to plug into new roles and responsibilities, that transformation would have never taken place.

    My relationship “limbo” freed me to help my neighbor-gal over the last 18+ months. She suffers from a host of health-issues, and I have become far too familiar with one of the local hospitals, but i have been able to be there for her. Caring for her has involved long hours, tedious waits, sleepless nights and much frustration, but she has needed a “big-brother”, and I have been able to be that for her. Some of my “bad” has turned out for her “GOOD”. No, she is not a romantic interest.

    God’s “providence” often leaves us shaking our heads, but once we start sorting out what He calls “good”, it makes more sense, even if it IS painful at times.

    God bless!


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