7 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – When the Government Takes Action, It is Never Neutral.

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    agreed , internet shoudl stay neutral it’s a tool , what you better do is learn or teach how to use it properly, You don’t give a car to someone without having a licence, internet should be looked at the same way, you have to learn some ways of searching and reacting on internet in order to be OK.

  2. If they own it, they can selectively shut it down… They already monitor it under the FCC, owning it would make it okay to sensor the voice of the people.

    • Actually ownership of the internet is a debatable point. What makes something owned by a person. 1) they created it and built it or 2) they bought it from someone who created it and built it. In the case of the internet, the government has built only a fraction of the internet that they use for their purposes. The rest of it was created by Internet service providers over the years. That is why thy are suing the government because in by declaring the internet a public utility the government is saying the ISPs no longer own something they created.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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