2 comments on “The Body Rabyd – “No, I Don’t Know What I Weigh.”

  1. Be thankful that you CAN still work out. I wish I could, but my arthritis has progressed, from just my hips and knees, into my spine, neck and shoulders. Even when I was working out regularly (3 times a week), I noticed that I was making gains in some areas but getting more and more restricted in others. I am hoping that, now that the weather is more amenable, I will be able to ride my bicycle some, but that will depend on how well my hips and knees cooperate. My ideal workout would be in a nice, warm pool several days a week, but that isn’t available where I live. Getting older ain’t for sissies.


    • I am thankful every day for my health which has always been at least decent. I figure with good health I have options but the more health declines so do options for life. You really should try to find some way to swim as it would probably help you in more ways than one.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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