4 comments on “Rabyd Philosophy – The Book of Rabyd 1:4 – People Have the Right to Liberty

  1. In the abortion debate, what about the baby’s right to decide to live or die? Stepping away from the abortion debate, consider the thief who exercises his right to decide whether or not to steal something. If he chooses to steal, he must still pay the consequences of his choice.

  2. Why do so many women have an abortion for the unwanted pregnancy, when all they needed to do is use birth control to prevent the pregnancy in the first place, how simple can it be use any form of birth control; condoms, pills, diaphragm’s. Abortion should be illegal, its the killing of an human being.

    • You are assuming that birth control is always accessible. To a teen girl of a staunch Catholic family that may not be the case. Like it our not people find themselves in a situations where things happen and no birth control product is 100% effective. However, what constitutes a human being is debatable in our society. maybe not to you or me but society is not united on this issue. Not all people share your view, so how would you suggest we handle addressing it? In the 80s Christians blew up clinics and killed others. Is this acceptable? Both sides want to make this a simple issue but it is not a simple as it seems.

      Thanks for the comment and I am hoping you will read the other posts that have continued this discussion. Having had to council women who have had abortions though you need to understand this is more complicated.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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