One comment on “Sermon Redux – Part 13 of The Road to the Resurrection – ‘The Burial of Jesus’ – John 19:31-42

  1. Many of those who deny Jesus’ true and complete death, and His actual resurrection, also deny His full and true humanity. They believe that He only “appeared” to be human and only “appeared” to die, thus making the Resurrection a fairy-tale. They have great difficulty believing that God would have become fully-human, because our bodies are bad and are discarded at death anyway. They would say that the Incarnation is a fairy-tale.

    The Apostle John confronted those disbelievers in his day with strong language, both in his gospel and in his Epistles. There is still some of that Gnostic heresy even today, even though it usually takes on a “milder” form. I have smelled it even among members of my own church.

    If Jesus wasn’t fully and truly human…we are lost.

    If Jesus didn’t really die…we are lost.

    If Jesus only “appeared” to die, we only “appear” to be saved, which means we are lost, and all of salvation history is an elaborate ruse.

    If there was no Resurrection, we won’t be resurrected either.

    God bless!

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