2 comments on “The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 33 – Christianity and the Kama Sutra – Dharma, Artha and Kama

  1. I think that we, as Christians, often dismiss or ignore Eastern wisdom about sex and sexuality because:
    a) It has to do with sex and sexuality, and
    b) It comes with Eastern mysticism, and
    c) We are prudes.

    While we have been merely reproducing, they have been studying how to give each other sexual pleasure while also reproducing. We have been the losers, because until recently, there have been few Christian researchers, writers and educators in the field of human sexuality, who are doing their work from a Christian point of view.

    My own library is a bit more well-rounded. Along side “Sexual Reflexology”, by Mantak Chia and William Wei, I have “A Celebration of Sex”, by Dr. Douglas Rosenau, “Sheet Music”, by Dr. Kevin Leman, “The Act of Marriage”, by Tim and Beverly LaHaye, “It Was Better in the Backseat”, by Sherry Lehman, M.A., and for reference material, “Private Parts”, by Yosh Taguchi, M.D. and “Out in the Open”, by R. Louis Schultz. Just because the Bible doesn’t include a complete “how-to guide to sex” doesn’t give Christians the reason to be uneducated and ignorant about one of God’s finest gifts, sex.

    We don’t NOT study Math, Chemistry and Physics just because the textbooks weren’t written from a distinctly-Christian point of view.

    I wish that I had known about “The Act of Marriage” back in 1978, when my first wife and I got married, because we were just a couple of “kids” fumbling through learning how to make love to each other. What we did bore little resemblance to “love-making”, because we didn’t even know what “love-making” was. We simply had sex…


    • I had the advantage of being interested in sex enough to want to learn about it. I am fairly sure my library has some books on sex that I picked up back before I was married. I was determined not to be a lousy lover on my wedding night and beyond. I made me more prepared and I think our love life blossomed because of it very early. That and there is not much to do in North Dakota in the winter.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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