2 comments on “Theology Pub – The Green Hills of Earth

  1. You are not the only person who is a creature of “HOME”. Many of us are like that. I was ready to BE home, not just come home, after my ECG yesterday. Sunday was a long day of being away from home, and my wee abode was a welcome sight at the end of the day. Mom’s place used to be “home”, but it isn’t any more. I was glad to be HOME after only being at her place for three days.

    I haven’t been on any intergalactic adventures, but I used to travel a lot for work. Even though I enjoyed what I did, Albuquerque International Airport was a welcome sight as we approached to land. An even more welcome sight was my family waiting at the gate for me, but the MOST welcome sight was when I walked in my own front door, because that meant that I was HOME. One time a group of us got “stranded” in Colorado Springs Airport after a meeting because Denver Airport was snowed-in. I left the rest of the group waiting to fly to Denver when I found a “wing-flapper” airline that had a direct flight into Albuquerque. I was home with my family before the rest even got on a plane for Denver.

    Even going on vacation with my family meant being away from home, and it was always good to get HOME when the vacation was over.

    HOME is our ultimate comfort-zone, the place where we can most be ourselves. HOME is where what is most-familiar is. Yes, it is great to be HOME!

    • Thanks for the comment. Home is my favorite place to be honest. I no sooner leave it and I want to get back. It is probably the simple fat that I prefer to be myself as much as possible and home is the place to do that.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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