3 comments on “Looking at Constitutional Amendments – Part 1 – Introduction

  1. I came here to find out what the second amendment was, and YOU CAN’T EVEN PUBLISH A !@#$%& LIST that is legible? Your cute photo of the list is too small to read without a microscope. And I was NOT able to cause it to enlarge.
    What does it mean that “the next phrase” is such & such? They aren’t amendments.
    You really need to remember why you come up for people who are looking for a list of amendments. You do not fulfill this particular task. To me it seems quite necessary that you do so. Don’t you think??

    • 1) It says ‘Part 1 – Introduction’ so obviously i never claimed to publish them all nor does the title say it is a list. Maybe you should learn to read titles. 2) The pic isn’t mine take it up with the creators. 3) search engines screw up so maybe that could also be the problem. 4) Yes, I do think but its not my problem if you make some assumptions that are not good ones and jump to conclusions that are not supported by the title or the content presented.

  2. To guy writing about rationale (yes, my friend, it has an “e”) as it relates to need for a specific amendment- I really don’t think you will find that any amendment is superfluous.
    Did you know that the ERA was accosted by the non-discrimination clause: race, color or creed, because the old white men in power put those votes together so they would fail, and even the ERA people didn’t want to be on that Bill. As I’m sure you are aware, they passed, together. It’s a good story. Well and of course it’s true.

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