5 comments on “US Constitutional Amendments – 13th Amendment – Abolishing Slavery

  1. You need to take a deeper look at the “penal slavery” clause of this Amendment. The 13th Amendment did NOT “abolish” slavery in the United States, rather it prohibited chattle slavery alone and paved the way for former slaves to be RE-enslaved for violating criminal laws specifically designed to target former slaves and “poor white trash.” Laws that to this day are still used to criminalize even the most petty of offenses in Southern States.
    At this time, to the best of my knowledge, ONLY TEXAS AND GEORGIA still practice penal slavery: EVERY OTHER STATE, FEDERAL PRISONS AND U.S. TERRITORIES have concluded that ANY/ALL Slavery is untenable in today’s 21st Century world. So ONLY Texas and Georgia still practice this barbarity as a matter of course. Watch my Blog for an essay on this and maybe You will get a better understanding of penal slavery and the 13th Amendment … I know from personal experience. Logan the Pen Dragon

    • I am sure it was deeper at the time, there was a fight still coming as the next two amendments will attest to. If such slavery still exists then how common is it?

      • Two U.S. States continue to practice penal slavery under the 13th Amendment auspice and State Law: Georgia and Texas. I personally have spent 32 1/2 yrs of my life as a penal slave; as a consequence, I am now 59yrs of age with NO Social Security credits; NO disability credits; NO savings/retirement accounts; NOTHING, because State Slavemasters are not required to contribute such on behalf of penal slaves [even though the State profits billions of dollars from slave labor of it’s prisoners]. The Socio-economic impact is devestating on former long-term prisoners, as well as upon Society/Taxpayers who inevitably must support former penal slaves in our old age.

      • Only two U.S. States still practice Penal Slavery: Texas & Georgia … even Louisiana began paying prisoners a token wage in the 1980’s. What Americans NEED to realize and understand is the extreme socio-economic impact of long-term Penal Slavery. I was under the Texas Penal Slavery System for 33years total for 2 PETTY “burglaries” that in ANY other State would be considered “Petty Larceny” punishable by only 1-5 years at most; Texas gave me a 3 year sentence for swiping HALF a pecan pie; and 30 years for allegedly stealing a cowboy hat and book. Since my initial term began when I was a college student who’d never had a job, and I am now 59yrs of age with a partial disability, I have had only 5-6 years of freedom during which to earn income.
        Texas DOES NOT pay Social Security and/or ANY other form of benefits accruing taxes on Penal Slaves. That means that age 59 I have NO Soc.Sec. benefits accrued; NO unemployment benefits; NO form of retirement account; NOTHING. Which means I have NO CHOICE but to be a continuing burden on Society by availing myself of what little Welfare is available to me.
        If Texas and Georgia don’t want to pay prisoners for their Labor so we can save toward our eventual release; then shouldn’t there be a Law that these States MUST AT LEAST pay on our Social Security FICA at a Minimum Wage Rate? Why should all You Taxpayers have to support aged/disabled FORMER Texas & Georgia Prisoners??? Texas’ General Fund reaps BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every Year from the Texas Correctional Industries profits on prisoner slave labor. Yet they can’t/don’t pay even the pennies on the dollar Social Security FICA on prisoners’ labor???
        Think about it …
        >>> Oh, and to all You self-professing Christians: Read Hebrews 13:3 before You make up Your minds on this issue. Logan the Pen Dragon.

      • Only 2 States still practice penal slavery: Texas and Georgia. The socio-economic effect on long-term prisoners is devastating.
        It’s interesting to note that Texas and Georgia are the only two States that, also, have some of the most draconian sentencing policies in the U.S. (i.e. they give decades long sentences for petty offenses that almost every other State and the Federal Courts give only 3-8 year sentences for the same offense). Must keep their slaves as long as possible for the greatest profit for the penal industries.

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