9 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – A Little Rational Perspective on Gay Marriage for Christians

  1. Unfortunately, many Christians are far better at acting like “spoiled-brats” (PHARISEES) who didn’t get their way than they are at loving their neighbor as themselves or giving people the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Acting like PHARISEES gives them reason to look down their long noses at those “wretched-sinners” and avoid doing what our Lord has commanded. They sure wouldn’t want to be seen in the company of some HOMOSEXUAL, because, what would their friends think? My church friends would blow a fuse if they knew that I go to “The Center” in Orlando once a month to show the love of Christ to people who are “different” than me.

    The reality is that the Supreme Court decision has NOT redefined “marriage”. Yes, that decision did extend “marriage” benefits to same-sex couples, but redefining “marriage” happened a long time ago, WITH the full-blessing of the church. How many pastors would perform a wedding for a couple that didn’t have, and didn’t intend to get, a “marriage license”? Those pastors would also publicly-denounce any couple “living together” without a “marriage-license” as “living in sin”. Thus, the church has already become the “enforcer” for state-licensed, state-registered and state-enforced marriage-contracts (marriage-licenses). The church has made a state-registered “marriage-license” into a couple’s “license” to live together and have sex. What happened to covenant-marriage, with God as their witness?

    We haven’t had a Biblical “marriage-model” in many years, so it is hard to see that the Supreme Court “redefined” anything. Christians need to get off of their high-horses and become salt and light, and leave the judging to God.

  2. I will not cease to call all sinners (homosexuals included) to repent. This needs to be our cry in this wicked hour. The Lord Jesus is still saving sinners and He is more than able to turn this tide of sin. My earnest prayer to God is for sinners to repent and believe the gospel (Mark 1:15).

    • I too will as I pointed out will continue to call it sin but repentance is not achieved through legislation, court and/or political action. Repentance is achieved through conviction and that through the Holy Spirit in response to the preaching of the Word. I ask a simple question, how much do we really believe in the power of prayer and the Word to transform lives? I t seems to me if we really believed in all the power we say they have their would be no need to go into politics or law. Just an observation.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

      • I agree. I would only point out that Jesus will reign over all (1 Corinthians 15:24-26). This would mean that all governments will fall to Him as well as the gospel is preached and gospel centered laws are created. This is my postmillennial hope.

        However, I fully agree that the only hope for our world is the gospel. The gospel alone can produce righteousness and holiness. Laws cannot.

  3. The gospel is our agent of change as Christians. Neither violence nor open confrontation in this matter will meet our divine purpose. Don, again, you are right in your position.

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