4 comments on “Sermon Redux – Part 13 of Life at the Crossroads – “The Christian Cover Up” – 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

  1. Thanks for the explanation on the fact that the referenced passage implied the need for us to accept who are and that we are under authority. I hope I got you right on that! However having read the referenced passage of the Bible, I had actually expected further explanation on the issue of women covering their head while praying or prophesying. I know I have unanswered questions in that area.

    You were right in your opening observation that “Other cultures still live this way and Christianity is still practised in many places with the idea of women keeping their head covered up” . I can attest to the fact that here in my part of the world, majority of women cover their head in church or when they want to pray at home, ostensibly in line with this passage of scripture. But how else would one have understood that passage that seems to be a serious analogy by Paul? I wish you would explain further. Thanks.

    • I would say that this must be an analogy from Paul’s culture for a couple reasons. One is the last verse which basically says if people don’t have such a custom, neither do the churches of God. In short, Paul is not trying to order culture and keeping the church flexible as it meets up with other cultures. Secondly, I give a what if situation where a culture might force a woman not to wear a hat and might require her to shave her head. Would then she be a disgrace to God and her husband if she remains submitted to her husband’s authority and has accepted her role as a woman before God? I think the passage invites the idea of Paul using his culture as an analogy but one that is unbinding to those who don’t have a similar practice.

      Thanks for the question,

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

  2. Well said! I recall all the times I heard about passage and women can do this or not that with their hair, and I just took it for truth, (still very sticky issue with a lot of people), then I went into a deep study with Paul’s letter over a year and half from Paul’s first letter to his last and when I got to this passage, I was over whelmed by the spirit touching me and the amazing truth that I felt from God (eyes wide open), this passage didn’t really have anything to do with hair (in regards to it was not a question Paul was even asked), he was using analogy, which I found very interesting. I feel, maybe even me, a lot of people have this right or wrong and this is with so many other passages as well, and in the end it’s why the simple passages on our heart and relationship with God is going to be put to the test, not rules or traditions placed by man.

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