One comment on “The Body Rabyd – What I Need to Say

  1. I wish I could come up with at least some words of sympathy for you, but I can’t. I have had many years of very few things going “my way”. My wife didn’t consult me either time she moved out and moved in with another man. I was away at a doctor’s appointment the first time she moved out. She moved out the 2nd time right under my nose. I expected to still be “happily-married” rather than being a legally-married single.

    I never “signed-on” to being my neighbor-gal’s primary support-system, but I am. I didn’t “sign-up” to have my phone ring at 3 o’clock in the morning, or to become intimately-familiar with a hospital and its ER. I never gave anyone “permission” to spoil my plans multiple-times, but they have been many times. I have driven hundreds of miles, waited in doctor’s office waiting-rooms many times, and spent hundreds of hours in hospital rooms.

    Come to think of it, this is just the latest “installment” of many years of events that no one consulted me about. My first wife didn’t ask my “permission” before she committed suicide in October 1997. Her family didn’t “consult” me when they stole my own kids and turned them against me. My 2nd wife didn’t “consult” me when she filed for divorce in 2007 and dumped a bunch of debt on me, including a home that went into foreclosure. She filed for divorce after I had my eye stroke on Easter 2007. My third wife didn’t “consult” me when she stole money from our checking account, moved out of state and filed for divorce.

    Had everything gone “my-way”, my first wife and I would have celebrated our 37th anniversary, rather than me being a legally-married single, three wives later. We would also be spoiling our grandkids rotten, rather than my having to look on Facebook to get any scrap of news about my family. Yes, things don’t always go our way. At least you still have your family, so I doubt that you would want to trade problems.


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