One comment on “The Rabyd Spirit – #@%*&?!

  1. I had a similarly-frustrating college experience back in the early 80’s. I had gotten my Associates Degree in Electronics at Oklahoma State, so I thought that I should be close to being half-way through getting my Bachelors Degree at UNM. FAT CHANCE! UNM only accepted about 45 hours of the 128 credit-hours on my transcript. Having my Associates Degree barely got my foot in the door at UNM. I took two courses my only semester at UNM, Calculus and Micro-Economics. The Calculus instructor spoke very little English, and the Economics instructor had no real-world experience in Economics. Since I had a growing family and increasing-responsibilities at work, my attempt to get my Bachelor’s Degree was short-lived. As a result, part of my GI-Bill went unused. Oh well.



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