2 comments on “Rabyd Philosophy – The Book of Rabyd – 2:9 – “TANSTAAFL”

  1. This is clearly-illustrated by health-care and health-insurance. I pay almost $100 a month for my Medicare Advantage Plan which pays for all of my “routine” health-care, but in reality, if I go to my primary-care provider four times a year, the actual cost per visit is $300. Barring a major medical problem requiring surgery or hospitalization, I would be way ahead if I could bank that money and pay for everything myself.

    So far this year, I have seen my primary-care provider once, and I saw an eye doctor once, so my per-visit cost has been $400. When I order new lenses for my glasses, I will get a $100 “allowance”, which would pay all the cost of “standard” lenses, but I can’t use “standard” lenses. I need “high-index” lenses with an anti-reflective and scratch-guard coating, which will cost me an additional $188 out of MY pocket.

    So much for “affordable” care, because our front-end cost keeps going up, and UP, and UP!!! In 2011, my mom was paying $25 a month for the same plan I am on, and her ONLY cost for cataract surgery for both eyes was only about $200 for some special eye-drops. Her new glasses then were FREE.

    Oh, and medications… Generics used to be “free”, but now there is a co-pay for EVERYTHING.

    I would like to know who is getting all the “free” health-care, because I sure ain’t getting it.



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