3 comments on “Rabyd Opinion – Kim Davis and Who Controls the Right to Marry

    • As do I. Prayer is important but how long with this take and once again why then does the government need to be involved either way. However, I think if churches and pastors are going to preserve their right to define marriage as they see it, then they need to be lobbying to get the government out of marriage altogether. This would basically get rid of part of Kim Davis’ job but it would mean the state could not dictate terms to churches about who they have to marry. Had the LGBT community sued along these lines I probably would have joined them because marriage is not something that should have a license attached to it.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

  1. Your summary in this post is what I’ve been saying for years. Government has no business controlling marriage in the first place. What’s next? Government licensing of baptisms? Will government finally be the decider of sprinkle vs immersion?

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