2 comments on “Rabyd Philosophy – Just Waxing Philosophical About Orthodoxy

  1. I think to think about and appreciate basic non-sexual nudity is doing good theology. The Bible has a lot to say about the glory of the human body, and it is not bad. The first man and woman were created naked, and God said that was good. That never changed,

  2. I am not into “canned” Theology either. I much prefer to do my own ready, studying and analysis of Scripture passages rather than simply accepting what others say they mean. I am conversant-enough in Old Testament history, culture and law to be able to form mental-images of context-scenes in both the Old and New Testaments without resorting to interpreting them through 21st-century lenses.

    I have no trouble visualizing the tent-city the Children of Israel lived in during their wilderness-wanderings, and it is obvious that some Jews were still living in tents during the time of the early church because Paul was a tent-maker. Many things make much better sense in that context.

    That is why even though I was raised in Reformed Theology, I want to be constantly-reforming as I gain a better grasp of the Bible.



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