2 comments on “Rabyd Philosophy – Identity and Being Yourself

  1. From the time we are born, our “identity” is tied to our “social-identity”. As a result, our “social-identity” becomes our “anchor” as we go through the journey of life, and as along as we maintain a “social-identity”, we can handle the up’s and down’s we encounter. Our sense of self-worth is also tied to our “social-identity”, such that we may face a total “identity-crisis” if we lose all of our “social-identities”. I know this from my own personal-experiences.

    I faced this kind of “identity-crisis” when my wife left me in January 2013. I had left all other “social-identities” behind when I moved to a new area to marry her, and when she moved out, I lost my only “social-identity” – husband. I went through some very difficult times for several months before I rebuilt an “identity” which wasn’t based on any “social-identity”. I now have an “identity” which is based on my God-given humanity as being a bearer of God’s image and being a child of God. I no longer “need” a “social-identity” because I am fully-complete otherwise.



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