2 comments on “The Rabyd Spirit – Discerning Spirits and Joining the Dark Side

  1. What is your integrity worth? Is it worth sacrificing your integrity on the altar of having steak for dinner and a plush retirement? God will bless beans and rice bought through honest-labor, but He will not bless steak bought with ill-gotten gains. Is it worth joining the dark side to live a more comfortable life?

    A close friend of my parents was a successful attorney with a prestigious law firm in Oklahoma City until he couldn’t stomach the compromises he was having to make to his Christian integrity. He quit practicing law, even though it meant no more fine home at a prestigious address, no more expensive cars and no more lavish vacations, but with quitting, he gained the priceless peace of mind that comes with living in integrity. He had other marketable skills, so it wasn’t like he was instantly in the unemployment line, but he and his family eat their bread with contentment.



    • Steve,

      1. I am saying beans and rice because that puts a pretty face on it. It is actually far worse. Personally I just want enough so if in retirement I decided to return to the ministry, the church wouldn’t have to pay me.

      2. Define honest work? I hear this often from people that it is better to be engaged in an honest job but they never tell me the criteria of what honest job is. Mostly from implication it usually means that a person who does manual labor is more honest than a one that does mental labor. I don’t see it. If that is the case being a pastor is not honest work.

      3. Attorneys come in all shapes an sizes when it comes to what their jobs are and what type of attorney they can be. I can give you anecdotal evidence right back. I have a friend who is an attorney who fights the corruption of the system right now. He also takes many cases where the people are on fixed income. He knows they probably won’t be able to pay him what he charges but he does it anyway. He has regular clients too but he takes a hit on some if he feels the cause is right. He lives well but certainly not high on the hog. Me, I am looking at being a constitutional rights attorney to help people defend their rights. What money that will bring me is what it will bring me.

      4. You should no my humor well enough by now that the whole dark side thing is me having a bit of fun. I am a Jedi all the way, albeit I do think the dark robes are cooler.

      5. Integrity has nothing to do with your occupation, it has everything to do with your character regardless of occupation. My plan is very simple and that is to make enough money over the next few years to build up enough reserve that maybe after 65 I can take on another church or start one and not have them burdened with my salary. I think this is necessary because by that time the church, unless something major happens, is going to be in very rough shape. Besides in the coming years I think we Christians are going to need as many good attorneys as they need good pastors.

      Thanks for your concern my friend,

      Blessings and Cheers!


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