2 comments on “The Body Rabyd – Out Training a Bad Diet

  1. Yes, you will still get some results whether you did only nutrition or only exercise, but you will never achieve maximum results unless you do both. Also, by “diet”, I do NOT mean “calorie restriction”. I’m talking nutrition, as in you need proper nutrients. Maybe you are getting some, maybe not. If your diet was only soda pop and potato chips, then no amount of exercise in the world could make up for that poor of a diet. If your regular diet already contains vegetables, meat, natural fats (ie not from cooking oil), etc. then likely you are already getting a decent level of nutrition.

    • Bart,
      I should have responded to this earlier, sorry about that, but I think you make my point for me in this comment. You are clearly distinguishing ‘maximum results’ from just ‘results’ and you are right but the cliché is that you can never out train a bad diet. Never is a universal word and the moment one person proves it false, then it becomes a lie. It takes the whole package to get the maximum results but you can get results without the whole package and that is my only point.

      My nutrition has always been difficult because I am a big man. When your taller than average and have large body parts without fat on them you still burn a ton of food. Even eating right I can still come up short in what I need to grow muscle. On the flip side, I can just not care and still get results. To be fair though, I eat a lot of meat and veggies naturally but I don’t shy away from chips when their offered at a social gathering or even sweets. I have a soda pop maybe once or twice a month. mostly its water. So in a sense I eat partially OK.

      My problem with clichés is that some of them can be discouraging. Someone might look at this one and then go ‘to hell with it, I will never get my diet perfect so no matter how much training I do it won’t matter.” That simply is not true. I would rather have them training and then gradually talk to them about diet. Doing something is better than doing nothing so I would rather find a different way to talk about nutrition with someone than ‘never’ and ‘all’.

      Blessings and Cheers!!!

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