3 comments on “The Naked Artist’s Soul – Spiritual Nudity in Art – Part 1 – Biblical Nudity: Adam and Eve

  1. Clearly all five paintings were done with a prudish-audience in mind. The most beautiful of the five is #1, and if the serpent wasn’t in the picture, Eve could have simply been picking a piece of fruit for Adam. Trust and intimacy are well-portrayed, however it fails due to Eve’s pose and the foliage covering Adam’s genitals. Adam is in a very-guarded pose in #2, so trust and intimacy are missing. It also fails due to the obvious placement of the foliage concealing their genitals. #3 almost makes the grade, but the artist obviously blurred their genitals. Artist #4 obviously has a good command of physical anatomy, but there is no intimacy or trust. Adam has his back turned and Eve’s genitals are indistinct. #5 is incomplete, so the artist hasn’t really depicted anything other than perhaps a couple hugging.



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